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 Sbi m-passbook

Sbi m-passbook

 Sbi m-passbook

What is SBI mpassbook?

mPassbook, in general, refers to the digital version of a physical passbook. Users can access it on the mobile application of their bank by logging in with their internet banking customer ID/User ID and password. mPassbook, much like the physical form of passbook, contains the details of transactions made on the savings or current account to which the passbook belongs.
SBI mPassbook is an innovative way to record the transactions made on your account and keep it handy anywhere and everywhere. Transactions can be synched by logging into your SBI Anywhere mobile app. With SBI mPassbook, you do not have to visit a bank branch every time you want to see your transaction history.

How to access SBI mpassbook?

The mPassbook feature is available on SBI’s mobile application- ‘SBI Anywhere’. You can download the app on your mobile phone from Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iPhone) or App World (Blackberry). Then you must login with your internet banking username and password. If you have not registered for SBI internet banking services, you must do so by visiting the nearest SBI branch or visiting their official website.
Once you download SBI Anywhere mobile application, you can access the mPassbook directly. Every time you login to the application, you will have to sync your mPassbook. Once you click the Sync button, all transactions that you have made from the last visit will be updated in it.

Benefits of SBI mpassbook?

SBI mPassbook is as valid as a physical passbook .With SBI mPassbook facility, you can enjoy the following benefits-
Easy Access- SBI mPassbook offers you the facility to access your transaction records and history wherever you go. You do not have to visit a bank branch to get your physical passbook updated with the latest information. Just login and sync the details.
Free of Cost- Using SBI mPassbook does not require you to pay any extra charges. You just need to have a smart phone (Android, Blackberry or iOS) and internet connectivity. The mobile application ‘SBI Anywhere’ is also free of any extra charges.
Safe and Secure- Since you have to enter your internet banking user ID and password to access SBI mPassbook, it is very secure. Nobody would be able to commit a fraudulent activity with your account unless the person knows your User ID and password.

What is mpassbook  offline?

SBI also offers the facility of accessing your mPassbook offline. You do not need any internet connectivity to access mPassbook offline. You just need to enter your internet banking username and your ‘mPassbook PIN’. Follow the procedure given below to access your mPassbook-
Step 1- Open the ‘SBI Anywhere’ app. The “m-Passbook” link would appear on the login page itself.
Step 2- Click on ‘mPassbook’. You will be prompted to enter Internet Banking ID and mPassbook PIN created earlier.
Step 3- Enter the Internet Banking ID and the 4-Digit PIN.
Step 4- After this, the savings accounts you have with SBI will appear on the screen. Select the one you want to access.
Once you select the account, the mPassbook will open up in the landscape mode. It will populate the transactions that have already been synched with the phone. ‘Sync’ button will not be provided in the offline mode.
If you have not created a PIN for mPassbook yet, follow the steps given below-
Step 1- Login to the State Bank Anywhere application.
Step 2- Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to the ‘Create/Reset mPassbook PIN’ section.
Step 3- Create a 4-Digit mPassbook PIN.
Step 4- Sync the mPassbook by going to the mPassbook section.
Your mPassbook PIN is now created. You can access the mPassbook offline facility and the latest synced information will be available when you access it.


1- What is mPassbook?
mPassbook is the electronic version of a physical passbook that you can access on your phone. It is valid like your physical passbook provided that the latest transactions have been synced into it.
2- Can I use SBI mPassbook facility on any phone?
In order to use the mPassbook facility, you need a smart phone with any of these-
  • Android (OS 2.3 or above)
  • iOS ((OS 4.1 or above)
  • Blackberry (OS 10 or above)
3- What are the pre-requisites of using SBI mPassbook facility?
You must have an Android, Blackberry or iPhone along with internet connectivity like GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi.
4- How do I access SBI mPassbook?
You can access SBI mPassbook on SBI Anywhere mobile application. You should also know SBI internet banking username and password. Only after logging into the app will you be able to see your mPassbook.
5- What are the charges for availing SBI mPassbook facility?
There are no extra charges for using SBI mPassbook facility.
6- There is no sync button on my mPassbook offline. Why?
Since the offline version can be accessed without any internet connectivity, you cannot sync the latest transaction. To keep the transactions on mPassbook up to date, you should sync every time you login to the SBI Anywhere app.
7- How secure is SBI mPassbook?
SBI mPassbook is a feature available on SBI Anywhere mobile application which is a secure and robust application. The following security features are available in this app-
  • No personal data is saved on your phone or memory card or SIM Card.
  • The application cannot be accessed without internet banking username and password.
  • Your session expires as soon as you close the application.
  • Your session is automatically logged out after 5 minutes of inactivity on the app.
  • SSL encryption is used to protect your communication with the bank.
8- I don’t have any internet banking username and password. What should I do?
You cannot access SBI Anywhere app without an internet banking username and password. You can register for internet banking by visiting their  or by visiting the nearest SBI branch. website
9- Every time I try to login, the app prompts ‘Invalid Username/Password’ message. What should I do?
Ensure that you have correct username and password. Do not use the ‘Auto fill’ facility, type the username and password manually. If you still cannot login, contact the customer care department of SBI.

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