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3 movies that can change your life

3 movies that can change your life

Today I came in front of you with 3 English movies. These 3 movies can change your life. Let's see the names of 3 English films without delay.

3 movies that can change your life

3 movies that can change your life

1. The Social Network:
With the release of this movie in 2010, it became a blockbuster. Everyone stumbled upon The Social Network. Because this movie is based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook and one of its creators.The movie shows how a student who seems to be lagging behind in real life at Harvard University is working on the idea of ​​Facebook, the world's most popular social media website. Watching the movie, you will realize how even a small and worthless idea can be turned into a successful venture only with confidence and hard work.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross:
The business world is not easy. Many have to be cruel in trying to succeed. Even for a salesman, survival is often difficult. The Glengarry Glen Ross movie will help you understand how difficult situations you may have to read. The movie, made in 1992, depicts the reckless two-day life of four real-estate salesmen, when a trainer was sent from their corporate office to inform them that all but the top two salesmen would be fired within a week.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley:
A movie about the rise of two world famous tech giants Apple and Microsoft founders Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will surely inspire you. Released in 1999, this documentary style movie is based on the daily life work of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the story of gradually realizing their dreams. If you think you have nothing to start with, or your idea doesn't work, then you must watch the movie.


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