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What to do if the money goes to the wrong number in the bank?

What to do if the money goes to the wrong number in the bank?

What to do if the money goes to the wrong number in the bank?

If the money goes to the wrong number in the bank, it is necessary to inform the concerned bank first.In these cases,

1. If it is forgotten by the bank, then the responsibility of fixing it is borne by the bank.

2. If it is forgotten, it will depend on the discretion of the person in whose account the money has gone.

In this case, the cooperation of the bank can be sought, and if the bank does not cooperate in this matter, there is nothing to do. Banks are not obliged to cooperate.

Because, the limitations of the bank. The bank is not able to deduct any money from the account of the person to whose account the money has gone, without his consent.

So, as long as this money is not coming back, we have to keep trying.

However, if the amount of money is too much, then, with the help of law, recovery proceedings can be initiated and in this case, the decision of the Hon'ble Court is final.

However, in many cases, adopting a variety of strategies works, even if they are considered exceptional.

Forgetting the customer, a huge amount of money, almost a few lakh rupees, has gone to someone else's account, instead of the correct account.

In spite of repeated requests, requests, prayers and when the owner of that account (the account in which the money was deposited by mistake), to return the money,

"Today or tomorrow, I did not say who deposited the money in my account. At the time of depositing the money, the account number had to be deposited properly. I am very busy with something else now. ",

While making these various excuses, an arrangement was made to send a message through one of his most trusted people that,

The real owner of the account from which the money entered his account is a very large smuggling ring panda and that ring is in the CBI's scanner.

It is suspected that, out of fear of the CBI, an attempt was made to transfer money from that account to another account.

Very quickly, the strategy began to work.

Because, just hearing this news, the person in whose account the money was deposited by mistake, he started running to the bank in the morning, in the afternoon, folded his hands, who is telling the banker,

"My account Thaikya manages to take that money to Kaita at this moment, this money is not mine, the money deposited by others is wrong, I will keep it? This is wrong, this is wrong, I can't do it."

Later, a letter of consent was taken from the bank, the money was deducted from his account, and arrangements were made to deposit it in the correct account.

However, in the case of a small amount of money, such a strategy is unlikely to work, to say the least.

However, in most cases, if such a customer accidentally deposits money in another account, the person whose account is mistakenly credited, the money is credited to him, he is willing to return the money.

Because, most people do not support injustice, most people think that taking advantage of such a helpless situation is inappropriate,

Most of the people in the society come forward in the danger of each other, do not feel motivated to enjoy the helplessness of others.

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