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Earn 30-50 thousand rupees per month by writing articles (Lessons-03)

Earn 30-50 thousand rupees per month by writing articles (Lessons-03)

Earn 30-50 thousand rupees per month by writing articles (Lessons-03)

We have learned the details of online income in the previous two blogs. Today we will know how to earn income by writing articles. The way it is explained here, hopefully if you can stick to any of the ways of your choice, earning 30-50 thousand rupees a month will not be a big deal. Starting from this blog how to make online income in any way.

The episodes are arranged sequentially. If you look at one after the other, you will get a sequential idea. Let's take a look at the income streams,

(1) Income by writing articles

Many of us like to write. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys?

There are many sites that pay you to write. In other words, you can earn income by writing articles. And once you become a regular author of them, you will no longer have to worry about money if your writings are read by a lot of people. Needless to say, the amount you can earn from a single article. And Somehow if you can publish your writing on a few sites as well as become a regular author then you should not think about the rest of the other platforms. Now let us know which sites will really pay you for your writing. The first thing I need to know about the sites is to get you to write in English.


This site considers you on the quality of your writing. If the quality of your writing is really good and each writing has a combination of all the important unique ideas, then this site may be the best choice for you.

For each of your quality completed writing you will get 100 dollars or 6 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi rupees.
In addition, if you can publish five quality completed articles in a row, you will get ১ 100 for each subsequent article.

 You will also receive a 100 bonus if your article ranks in the top ten on their site.

(3)Wow Women on Writing

If you are a female writer then this site is just for you. Wow Women only has women writing on their site. Their writing categories are mainly on business, freelancing and training. Their main goal is to showcase your skills on their site.
They do not accept duplicate or copy paste articles Articles of 3000 words are featured articles for them. And for that they pay 150 for each article.
Articles should be written in such a way that they must be instructive examples for the readers.


This is also a popular site. Their payment criteria are different from the site above. This is a trusted site and you will see many reviews about this site on YouTube.

Their criteria are, if you want to get payment, you have to submit complete copy free and quality content on their site. And you can meet their own needs by checking and sorting. Your articles will be considered as paid articles. From then on, you will start giving ads on each of your articles. And as long as your article If you were on their site, dollars would be credited to your account for each visit to your article. That means their earning criteria depend on Ads. The more visitors you can get to your article, the more your income will increase. That's why they will tell you there to share as much as you can on your social accounts or any other source from where you can bring visitors.

(5)Paid for article

Similar to their criteria and Hubpages. Rely on their payment process and Ads. This site also recommends you to share more. Because the more visitors you can bring to your article, the more impressions of those visitors will help you generate dollars. Also on this site you have your own link You can refer others. That means those who will join this site from your referral link and a certain part of the income they will earn will be credited to your account.

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