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Online income is good or bad (Lessons-02)

 Online income is good or bad (Lessons-02)

Online income is good or bad (Lessons-02)

Is online income good or bad? Every religion and morality has a detailed idea about good or bad. So before starting any work, it is normal to think about the good or bad of that work.

In this case of online income, if you are thinking of good or bad, then let me tell you, you know the answer. However, in some cases there is confusion. I will know the details about whether online income is good or bad.

There are different areas of online income. And in order to consider good and bad issues, one has to consider every issue from that field. As you will see many sites that work to promote 18+ content. From your general point of view, you can say for yourself that these sites are definitely illegal and making money from them is not legal. Is online income halal?

Now let us know whether the work that has been done online in most cases or the work that we have discussed in the future is halal or haram.

▶Income from freelancing

We learned about graphic design, web development, digital marketing. All of these tasks that can be done by a client are done by a freelancer. In this case, of course, if we do not do any unjust or deceptive work and get paid in return for the work done properly, then the issue of haram will not come up here.

▶Income from Ads

In this case, the apps are usually promoted on various websites and YouTube channels. In that case, there are various ad networks for websites that provide their ads. Some ad network organizations, such as AdSense, never provide 18+ content. These are outside their terms and conditions. So the websites that write 18+ content, these ad network organizations do not publish ads on their site in any way.

So, above all, it can be said that halal or haram will depend on the type of work you do. If you have consciously grasped the issues then hopefully there will be no complication in your understanding of each subject.

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