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How to open SBI Net Banking online Step by Step 2022

How to open SBI Net Banking online Step by Step 

In this article, we will tell you that SBI Net Banking Kaise Kare in Hindi with very simple steps in 5 minutes. If your bank account is in any branch of SBI, then you can activate SBI Net Banking with the help of internet sitting at home. Can manage and control the account. In this post I will tell you how to activate internet banking in SBI (State Bank of India) bank.

How To Open SBI Online New Account With Yono App

Seeing the increasing use of the Internet, people are also connecting to the Internet and making their work easier, due to this, all the banks had started the facility of Internet Banking a long time ago, but even today there are many people who do not use it. does. And such people waste their time by waiting in the bank line for hours for the small work of the bank.

SBI Net Banking Kaise Kare in Hindi That's why I have written this post so that people who have not yet started Internet Banking can easily know about the facility of Internet Banking. What are its benefits? What can we do with net banking? to know about it.

SBI Ka Net Banking Kaise Kare can be activated in two ways –

1. By going to SBI Branch: For this you have to fill and submit the form for Internet Banking by going to that branch of SBI Bank from where you have opened your own bank account and by turning on Bank Internet Banking, you will have login access i.e. temporary username and password. Will give Then whenever you login for the first time by visiting SBI Net Banking website, you will have to change your username and password and set a profile password. Only then will you be able to access and manage your bank account through net banking.

2. Activate SBI Ka Net Banking Online: For this you do not need to go to the bank, just you can activate internet banking from the website of Onlinesbi.

Benefits of starting SBI Net Banking

We all know that SBI Bank is the largest and most popular bank in India, in which most people have kept their account open because SBI branch is available in every city and village and its ATM and Cash Deposit Machine are also available. . Due to the increasing number of customers of SBI, there is also a large crowd of people in any SBI branch, who have to stand in line for hours to get any small or big work related to the bank and because of this, more time of the people is wasted. is. You can know Mobile Se Net Banking Kaise Kare by reading this article.

But with internet banking, any work related to the bank becomes easy and simple because you do not need to go to the bank, you can manage your bank account through the internet from the website of SBI Net Banking.

What can be done with SBI Ka Net Banking

If you have the facility of Net Banking (SBI Ka Net Banking Kaise Kare), then you can do the following work related to your bank account online without going to the bank –

  • You can pay for online transactions.
  • You can transfer money from your bank account to any other bank account.
  • Aadhar card and PAN card can be linked with bank account.
  • You can register/change mobile number and email id.
  • You can see your bank account history or past transaction details.
  • Apart from this, many things can also be done. So let us know that you will get all the information in Mobile se SBI Net Banking Kaise Kare in Hindi language.
  • Documents required for Mobile Se Net Banking Kaise Kare
  • To start online internet banking, you must have the following things
  • SBI bank account passbook
  • ATM card
  • Registered mobile no.
  • SBI Net Banking Kaise Kare in Hindi Step by Step

If you also want to activate internet banking for SBI bank account, then follow the 10 steps given below.

STEP 1: First of all go to the SBI Internet Banking website. Click here www.onlinesbi.com

STEP 2: Click on New user registration.

STEP 3: Now a form named User Driven Registration – New User will open in which you have to give your bank account details. Its details can be filled by seeing from your passbook.

Mobile Se Net Banking Kaise Kare

Account Number: Fill your account number in this.

CIF Number: Fill the CIF number in the passbook.

Branch Code: In this, the code of your SBI branch has to be given, it is given in the passbook or you can find out by clicking on the get branch code button.

Country: Select India in this.

Registered Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number which is registered in your bank account.

Facility Required: Select Full Transactions Rights in this.

Enter the Text Shown in the Image: In this, the captcha code given in the image has to be filled.

SBI Net Banking Kaise Kare In Hindi Follow Step 4 For Complete Information

STEP 4: After filling all the above given information click on submit button.

STEP 5: After submitting, now an OTP will come on your mobile number. Enter it and click on confirm button.

STEP 6: Now in the next step you have to select I have my ATM Card (online registration without branch visit) and click on submit button.

STEP 7: Now you have to do a transaction of Re 1 to verify the ATM card. Later this 1 rupee will be returned in your account.

For this you have to fill the details of ATM card.

Card number - Fill in the 16 digit number by doing your ATM card in it.

Valid thru / expiry date – Fill in the expiry date of the ATM card.

Cardholder name - Enter your name in this which is in your bank account.

PIN – Enter the PIN of the ATM in this.

Enter the character visible in the box below – Enter the captcha code given in it.

STEP 8: Fill the details of ATM card and click on submit button.

STEP 9: Now click on Pay button in the next screen.

STEP 10: Now you will get a temporary username to login to net banking, note it down and create your password and click on submit button.

Congratulation, your SBI Ka Net Banking has been successfully activated. A message will also be received for this.

Now you have to login for the first time with your temporary username and password and after login it is necessary to create a strong username and password. All this will be told after login.

When you login with the original login id and password, you will also have to create a profile password.

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