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Life insurance in India | insurance

Life insurance in India 

Life insurance in India

Life insurance provides coverage on items other than life or covers life other than life insurance. This may include personal health insurance, fire / natural disaster property insurance, travel or travel cover, personal accident insurance, liability insurance, etc. This includes all types of insurance except life insurance. General insurance also provides coverage against professional defects and exclusion of professionals (compensation), employee insurance, credit insurance, etc. The most common forms of general insurance are car insurance, health insurance, naval insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, fire insurance. , And then there are other products that fall under lifeless insurance. Ordinary insurance is not a lifetime separate from a life insurance policy. They usually last for a fixed period. Most general insurance products have annual contracts and some have long term contracts (2-3 years in most cases)

Types of general insurance

  • Health insurance

Health insurance is a well-known form of life insurance. You can enjoy the benefits of this by providing a cover against the medical expenses that may be incurred in the hospital due to any illness, accident, nursing care, examination, hospital stay, medical bill, etc. To insurance providers. The medical insurance provider assumes the responsibility to cover you against your medical expenses.

  • Car insurance

The car insurance policy covers your car against accidents, thefts, etc. It covers the costs that may be incurred due to the mentioned events. A good car insurance covers your car from all the damages that can be man-made or natural. Car insurance is mandatory for owners. Insurance The declared value or IDV forms the basis of the amount of premium you will have to pay for the car insurance provider. It is also important to compare car insurance online before choosing the best plan.

  • Bike insurance

In our country two wheeler is definitely more amber than four wheeler so, two wheeler insurance becomes an important type of insurance. It is also mandatory for bike owners. It protects your bike, scooter or two-wheeler against both natural and man-made damage. Some bike insurance policies also have the benefits associated with the original insurance policy to provide extra cover against certain events.

  • Travel insurance

A travel insurance policy is a good cover for your travel - for both leisure or business. This includes protection such as baggage reduction, trip cancellation, loss of passport or other important documents and some other unforeseen risks including some medical emergencies, which may arise during your travels, domestic or abroad. It helps you to have a worry-free trip.

  • Home insurance

Taking care of your home with a home insurance policy takes a huge burden off your shoulders. A home insurance policy protects your home (home structure insurance) and its contents (home materials insurance) from any surplus emergency. The chance of a loss depends on what kind of policy you choose. It protects your home from natural disasters, man-made disasters and threats. Also, it protects you from damage that can be caused by theft, theft, floods, earthquakes, etc.


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