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Shramik Card Online Registration | Shramik Card | e-shramik Card Online Registration | e-shramik Card Registration | e-shramikCard

Shramik Card Online Registration | e- shramik Card Registration

Shramik Card Online Registration | e- shramik Card Registration

The central government has started the sramik card online application process or e shram card online registration process. Today we will discuss how to do "shramik card online registration", where can you apply for e shram portal online, what is shram card? You will find complete information in this article.

As you may know, the number of migrant workers in India is increasing day by day. The Prime Minister of India has launched e shram portal online or eshram yojana for poor unorganized workers. Accidental medical insurance will be available through e-Shram Yojana and unorganized workers will continue to get all kinds of benefits in the future. If you are an unorganized migrant worker, you can get up to two lakh rupees as accidental grant by registering shramik card online.

What is shramik card?

Labor card or e-labor is like a common health insurance card. With this card, unorganized workers can come under one umbrella and up to Rs 2 lakh as insurance due to any accident. The card through which unorganized workers register the name of a particular organization and the card issued to the applicants by the Government of India is called shramik card or e-labor card.

What are the qualifications for shramik card online registration?

  1. If you have certain qualifications to apply for a worker card, you can apply for an e-labor card.
  2. Must be unorganized workers
  3. Permanent and temporary residents can apply in any state.
  4.  Men and women from 16 to 59 can apply

Who will register shramik card online?

Before applying for Ishram or Labor Cards, you need to know if you are involved in these jobs. Take a look at the following information.

  1. Home construction workers
  2. Self-employed staff
  3. Unorganized workers
  4. Daily wage workers
  5. Staff not affiliated with ESIC
  6. Staff not affiliated with EPFO

Shramik card online registration Do you need a document?

If you want to apply for a worker card, you must keep these documents aside so that there is no hindrance to your application. Take a look at the following documents.

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Phone number associated with Aadhaar card
  3. If you have a school certificate, keep it aside
  4. If you have an income certificate, keep it aside
  5. Bank account number and IFSC code

Where to do shramik card online registration?

If you have a smartphone, you can easily register for a worker card or apply for a worker card. You will go to Chrome browser on your mobile and type eshram. gov. In and search. You can go to the official website by clicking on the first result of the search or click here REGISTER on e-shram. A little further down you will see REGISTER on e-shram and by clicking here you can apply online.

How to register shramik card online?

  1. You can easily apply for worker card or e-shramik registration from your mobile.
  2. You can open any browser from your mobile and type e shram portal.
  3. You can go to this website by clicking on the first link in the search results.
  4. When the new window opens, click on REGISTER on e-shram at the bottom.
  5. Place the phone number linked with Aadhaar card in the blank box and click on OTP option.
  6.  Continue by placing Asha OTP on the mobile in the empty room of OTP installation.
  7. When the new page opens, place your Aadhaar card number four in the number 3 cell and click on OTP option.
  8. Save OTP by putting OTP on the mobile number linked with Aadhaar card.
  9.  You will see a new window on the Aadhaar card with your problem information photo and click on save & continues at the bottom.
  10. When the new page opens, enter Emergency Mobile Number, Marriage Status, Father's Name, Social Category in personal details and click on Save & Continue.
  11. Nominee details In the new Windows, enter the name, gender, relation and date of birth of the nominee and click on save and continue at the bottom.
  12. Address details When you open a new window, you will see your home address and current address. Also, if the current address and home address are one, tick the box on the side and click on Save Hand Continue.
  13. In the new window you will see the qualifications and income details and how many classes you have studied up to here, the certificate, how much is your monthly income and the income certificate, put it properly and click on saved and continue.
  14. When the Occupation details window opens, you will enter all the new details of your job. Such as primary occupation, how many years of work experience, whether you have taken the experience through any organization, whether there is any other experience and if it is training you will give information. Click Save and continue at the bottom.
  15. If the Bank account details page is open, fill in the bank account details correctly. If you want to add a bank account from the link with your Aadhaar card then leave it as it is. If you want to add any other now then yeah do bank account number, account holder name, bank IFSC code, bank name and branch name.
  16. Look at the declaration properly and read it once if you want You can then save and confirm at the bottom by clicking on the Eye Agri option.
A new window will open in front of you. The information you provide will come in multiples. If there is any mistake in any subject, you can edit it and correct it and download e shram card in the upper corner.

This way you can register your own e shramik.

The Central Government has come to know about the labor card online application process or e shram card online registration process. Today we have discussed how to do "shramik card online registration", where can you apply for e shram portal online, what is shram card? Complete information in this article. I hope I have understood you.

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