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There is no need to think so much to get a PAN card. This time a PAN card will be made at the post office | Pan Card + post office | post office | Pan Card

There is no need to think so much to get a PAN card. This time a PAN card will be made at the post office

Don't have a PAN card yet? Then good news for you. If you want to make a PAN card, you go to the John Post Office without rushing anywhere else. The post office will make your PAN card. Our Indians usually have to go to different agencies and agents to make PAN cards. Which often raises questions about credibility. But when the post office is taking the responsibility of making this PAN card, the issue of credibility is getting stronger in the minds of common people. Because the general public of the country depends on the post office throughout the year.

Just as it is not possible to open a bank account without a PAN card, it is also important to make financial transactions of more than Rs 50,000. In addition to this, PAN card has become urgent in many more cases. And if this emergency card is available by applying at the post office, then it is good news. India Post recently reported, “You can apply for PAN card at your nearest post office. This PAN card is applicable and convenient for many financial transactions.

Apart from post office, PAN card is also available by applying online. Also PAN card can be made in just a few minutes based on Aadhaar number. But in that case, the first thing that is important is to have a mobile number attached to the Aadhaar number. Which many citizens currently do not have. The post office in that place is expected to be very helpful.

It is pertinent to note that Aadhar Card has to be attached with PAN Card by 31st March. Otherwise the PAN card will be temporarily canceled. If you link after the deadline, you will have to pay a fine. If you want to link Aadhaar-PAN after the deadline, you have to pay a late fee of Rs 1,000. Until then, the PAN card will be considered canceled.


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