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What you need to know before buying hosting | Web Hosting | VPS hosting | Dedicated hosting | Hosting

What you need to know before buying hosting

What you need to know before buying hosting

Today we will discuss the things that you should know before buying hosting. What is hosting? Hosting is the memory of the web site you run. Everything you put on the web site will be stored on that hosting. Simply put, hosting for web sites does the same thing that our computer hard disks and mobile memory cards do. Domain is required after creating or taking a web site. Domain is the name of the website. After the web site and domain will need hosting.

There are several types of hosting such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting. Most people use shared hosting in the beginning, because this hosting is available for very little money, when a site becomes popular or the budget is high from the beginning, they refrain from taking shared hosting because this hosting sells a server to many people which is a lot. Time web site is slow and does not have its own personal.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting is that in this hosting panel you will get an IP which will be for you and no one else will get this IP address. This hosting is mainly used by those who need a lot more security for later websites. Dedicated hosting is used on web sites that have a lot of visitors and popular sites.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is better quality than shared hosting and lower quality than dedicated hosting. Just as dedicated hosting has an IP for one person, VPS hosting is an IP shared by several people. For example, renting a 16 GB RAM server to three people, which is used by one dedicated person.

  • Now let's see what we should know before buying hosting

1. Refrain from buying less expensive hosting

We see a lot of ads on Facebook to get 10 GB or 5 GB hosting for very little money. We should refrain from taking these less expensive hosting, we must understand that nothing cheap is good. Even then, if you have to take the hosting with a good knowledge of the company.

2. Understand hosting space and bandwidth:

Understand the amount of space and bandwidth of your server from the people you are hosting. You can go to the C-panel and check if the hosting providers have provided the space and bandwidth as they say. Bandwidth Hall works like MB of mobile. If the bandwidth is low or not, your web site will not be open to visitors.

3. Find out in advance about the hosting organization:

Find out about this organization before you start hosting. If you want to know about this organization, you can also search online and see what information is available. If there is a big organization then it would be wise to take hosting from them. It is better to stay away from many low quality hosting providers that offer more hosting for less money.

4. Take a look at how customer support works

Before buying hosting, check the customer support of the company you are hosting from. See them in advance via mobile, Facebook, email, what kind of support they give you or what kind of time they give you. If it takes you two days to reply to a message, then when you take hosting from them, if your server is down for any reason, then understand what kind of support you can get from them. If for some reason your server is down, you can lose a lot of visitors.

5. Check out the hosting features

Whenever you buy hosting, you will know how many e-mail you can set up and how many sub-domains you can use in this hosting. You may be thinking of using one of these hosting websites when you buy hosting but later if you have more websites then you will know if you can use this hosting.

6.Find out the hosting obligations and limitations

Find out the limitations of the hosting you are taking. Many times these are not mentioned.

7.Learn about the control panel for hosting:

Find out and see what the hosting C panel will look like. And if you want to resell hosting, you will know about allocating space, brandwidth, including creating multiple users.

8.Find out the benefits of updating hosting:

When you buy hosting you will find out if you can upgrade automatically if you want to increase hosting later.

9. Learn about Hosting's Money Back Guarantee:

Many times we don't like that service after buying hosting, in that case you will find out if that company will give money back guarantee. A good company offers a money back guarantee of 30 days or more. People who give money back guarantee basically their company is good because they know their hosting is good.


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