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Axis Bank Home Loan Offer | Axis Bank Home Loan Best Offer | axis bank home loan rate of interest | axis bank home loan emi calculator | Loan

Axis Bank Home Loan Offer. Axis Bank Home Loan Best Offer

Axis Bank Home Loan: You and your family are dreaming of building their own house for which you need a house loan. Are you thinking of getting a house loan from any company? Then this post is for you. Through this post you will find the right organization that will play a special role in making your dream come true. Access Bank offers a bunch of special benefits for building your dream home. And in this post, what are the advantages of Axis Bank Home Loan, how much amount they pay, for how long, what is the rate of interest, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how to apply for this loan, how long after it is available. Yes.

One of the benefits of Access Bank Home Loan is that Access Bank Home Loan fulfills your dream of owning a home. House loans ranging from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 crore are provided by Access Bank. Axis Bank has mentioned many benefits of this home loan such as you can repay long term loan in small yam, there are attractive interest rates and the application process for this loan is very easy and the quality of service is very good.

Access Bank provides several types of home loans with benefits, most notably:

  • Axis Bank Home Loan
  • Quick Pay Home Loan
  • Happy Start Home Loan
  • Fast forward home loan
  • Hope home loan
  • Top up home loan
  • Super Saver Home Loan

  • Power Advantage Home Loan
  • Prime Minister's Housing Scheme

Beloware the special features of the above home loans-

Axis Bank Home Loan:


Loans for residential Indian and NRI salaried and self-employed customers. Attractive fixed and floating interest rates.

Loan amount up to 5 crores.

The repayment period is 30 years.

Quick Pay Home Loan:


Decrease in monthly installments.

Loan amount up to 5 crores.

Payment period is 30 years.

Happy start home loan


There are 12 MI offs in regular payments. Four EMIs waived at the end of the fourth, eighth and twelfth years.

Also there is no extra cost, the prepayment charge is zero

Loan amount up to 3 million

Payment period is 30 years

Fast Forward Home Loan:


Twelve EMIs off regular payments.

At the end of 10th and 15th year, 6 MIs are waived.

Also there is no extra cost, zero prepayment charge

Loan amount 30 lakh to 5 crore

Repayment period is 30 years

Asha Home Loan:


A shastri home loan for both salaried and self-employed foot attached. Those with a combined family income of at least Rs 6,000 can apply for this loan.

Loan amount from 1 lakh to 35 lakh.

Loans and interest rates up to 92% of the value of the property.

The loan repayment period is 30 years.

Prime Minister's Housing Scheme:


Eligible beneficiaries in the EWS, LIG, and MIG segments can subsidize the interest on a housing loan for the construction or purchase of their first home.

Suitable beneficiaries can save up to 2 lakh 8 thousand rupees.

Subsidies on the amount of debt defined against each category.

The loan amount is subject to the eligibility of the applicant.

The loan repayment period is 30 years, up to 20 years of the loan with subsidy.

What is Axis Bank Home Loan Rate of Interest?

Go to the official website Home Loan EMI Calculator Choose your loan amount and repayment time and check the rate of interest. Take a look at Access Bank EMI Calculator by clicking here.

Do's and Don'ts When You Apply for a Home Loan

What to do:

The price of your home and property, the builders' background project clearances, etc., you announce well. Also get to know the schedule of payment of different interest rate processing charges etc. of your home.

Find out the details of how much you have to pay before taking home loan such as down payment, processing fee, stamp duty, registration free. Know these very well.

Also make sure that all your documents are correct such as pay slip, income tax return, property agreement and registration etc.

Improve if you have a credit history because if you have a good cricket history the bank can offer you better terms.

Do's and Don'ts:

Do not apply for a home loan from multiple websites as it proves that you are very interested in getting a loan which may reduce the chances of your application being approved.

Before applying for a home loan, do not take more loans such as personal loan, car loan, etc. This will affect your ability to take out large home loans.

Don't overpay with your credit card and don't delay in repaying the credit card loan because This will have a negative effect on your credit score.

Don't borrow large sums beyond your means if you find it difficult to repay. Affordability is important in the case of home loans.

What are the documents required to get an Access Bank Home Loan?

  1. PAN card
  2. ID proof
  3. Address proof
  4. Income related documents
  5. Property Related Documents
  6. Also loan application form

The procedure to be followed in applying for Axis Bank Home Loan is as follows:

You need to apply for a home loan online or offline.

The bank will approve your loan application after reviewing the required KYC and financial stability documents after submitting your application.

If the loan is approved, you will need to submit technical and property documents against which you have taken the loan.

Access Bank can approve home loan within 15 days of submission of all documents.

How to apply for Access Bank Home Loan?

To apply for Axis Bank Home Loan online, visit the official website of Axis Bank or click here.

Then choose a project of your choice from different types of Axis Bank Home Loan projects and click on Apply Online under that project.

Next page If you are a customer of this bank, then yes or no, select No, enter everything including your mobile number, name, email id, fill in the captcha code and submit. The bank will contact you very soon.

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