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Hero without petrol bike | Hero's new bike will run without petrol, the price is within the reach of the middle class | bike update | Bike

Hero's new bike will run without petrol, the price is within the reach of the middle class!

hero without petrol bike

There is great news for urban commuters. Hero, the country's largest two-wheeler company, is about to launch an e-bike. The carmaker is launching three E-Bike models in its City Speed ​​portfolio. The price of these bikes starts from just Rs 56,560.

Electric speed scooters are already in the market with City Speed ​​portfolio. Optima-hx, Nyx-hx and Photon-hx are the models of these electric scooters.

This time Hero Electric has launched three bikes in the market in the same portfolio. A polarization has been created in the e-bike market, said Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric India.

So the price of high speed bike is very high and the price of low speed bike is low. Consumers have long been accustomed to this trend.

This e-bike is being launched in the market after several years of market research. Which will meet the demand of the buyers in terms of price and performance. This means that the bike will be able to provide adequate pick-up at low battery cost.

And this bike will run on the streets and alleys of the city while maintaining its speed. The bike maker thinks that one of the reasons for buying this car is the affordable price and comfortable driving range of 60-200 kms.

This fancy bike does not put too much pressure on unnecessary batteries.

So the bike will be long lasting for you. The company claims that the performance of the bike will remain the same.

This E-Bike is the best option for urban commuters. The only reason is that riding this bike on any road will be very convenient and comfortable for you.

The new E-Bike will be available from more than 500 Hero Electric dealerships across 25 states, the manufacturer said.

The price of this bike starts from just Rs 56,560. However, the company says that the price may decrease, especially in the situation.

So keep an eye out or look for the nearest Hero Electric dealer's ship. This bike can be your companion for daily office going or small work. So take this bike to your home as soon as possible without delay.

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