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If your card gets stuck in an ATM machine | stuck in an ATM | ATM Machine | Bank | ATM

What to do if your card gets stuck in an ATM machine?

If your card gets stuck in an ATM machine | stuck in an ATM

What if you ever went to an ATM to withdraw money and your card got stuck in the ATM machine? Where to go? What's more, if the card goes into the wrong hands, what will you do?

You may wait a while or ask the ATM guard what can be done but this way you will not get your card back. What to do then? Let's find out now

First it is necessary to know why the card is stuck in the ATM machine?

The main reason for this is that the link fails, if the link fails during the transaction, then the card is stuck inside the machine.

Another reason is that if the money or PIN is delayed after inserting the card in the machine then the card gets stuck. In addition, if the power supply of the machine is suddenly cut off while doing the transaction, then the card gets stuck in the machine.

If you ever fall into such a situation, you have to work with a cool head first. In case of such a problem, you need to call the customer care of your bank first and inform the customer care about the location of the ATM and how the card is stuck.

Customer Care will give you two options to block your card and get the card back. If you think your card might fall into the wrong hands then block the card.

In this case the bank will send the new card to your home address within 10 days and if you need the new card then you can go to the bank and get the new card.

(Now a new ATM Card is available from the bank within a day if the bank has stock of the card) It is better to do this in terms of security.

What to do if the card is stuck?

If you want to get the stuck card back, first of all you have to inform the bank which you can inform by phone.

If the card is stuck in the ATM of your own bank then you will get the card quickly and if the card is stuck in the ATM of another bank then it will take some time to get the card back.

In fact, any card stuck in the machine is first sold by the vendor, that is, those who fill in the ATM machine and get it, they deposit the card in the bank of the bank's ATM.

The card is then sent to the bank whose card the bank then checks to see if there are any complaints or requests about the card. If they receive the request then the card is given to him.

If the card and ATM machine belong to the same bank then the card can be returned immediately.

Ways to protect the card

This process is done in the same way whether it is Debit Card or Credit Card. Banks are always talking about various protections for customers to use the card such as card PIN and CCV code should not be shared with anyone.

The PIN of the card needs to be changed every 180 days. If a phone comes and asks for ATM PIN OTP with the name of the bank, it is necessary to stay away from such phone and complain about that phone number to the bank.

Also, for security reasons, ATMs should not be used as there is more than one person in the ATM machine. If someone is standing behind you, ask him to leave first and then make a transaction. Keeping these things in mind will keep your bank account safe.

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