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Detailed discussion of what free hosting is | Some websites that offer free hosting | free hosting | free hosting with cpanel

Detailed discussion of what free hosting is | Some websites that offer free hosting

Some websites that offer free hosting

Are you interested in free hosting? Do you want to build your website through free web hosting? Then today's post is for you. Today we will discuss free hosting, for whom it is suitable, what is suitable for work, why it should not be used, etc. If you are thinking of building a website through free web hosting then you must read this important post carefully.

Before the start

Before we start discussing Free Web Hosting, let's take a look at some of the things we know, because it will be seen by people who do not have the right idea of ​​what hosting is. So what do we do with web hosting? Knowing this, we will start the discussion. Another thing is that I will try to explain all the issues easily here and I will not use any technical language so that everyone can understand what I am saying.

What is Free Hosting?

Simply put, hosting is a place or tool where a website can be kept. It is basically a special computer that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day and this special computer is called a server or web server. And we have to pay a certain amount of money annually to keep our website on this special computer. A more in-depth discussion of hosting will make the post bigger. For those who know, this will be discussed in detail later on, whatever hosting or web hosting says.

So if one wants to create a website then first of all he has to buy hosting from a web hosting company. Then if you have designed and developed the website, you have to publish it on the server or if you have not done it. But there are some websites that offer free hosting that is called free hosting websites or companies. Now the thing is that people from different walks of life come here, some of them will learn web design or development, they will read hosting, some of them will blog, and some of them will find live hosting on their own project server.

But in the beginning, it is not possible for everyone to buy and use hosting. So most people search for free hosting companies to run their own businesses. But is it really worth using? What are the advantages or disadvantages? I will know the details about who it is useful for.

Hosting content

WordPress is the website builder or content manager that is commonly used to build websites. And with this WordPress, you can create blogs, e-commerce, and business websites. Many of those who want to use free hosting work or want to work with WordPress or for some other reason so I will say something about using WordPress in Free Hosting. First, let's talk about the advantages of using Free Hosting then let's talk about its disadvantages and why it should not be used and who should use it.

Advantages of using free hosting sites:

Free hosting means providing free hosting services. With free hosting sites you can build a website without spending any money. And this is their main advantage and other benefits are rare. Free Web Hosting companies can be different in their features/benefits, all of which are given below

  • You can host the site for free.
  • Get subdomain for free.
  • C panel.
  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited website.
  • Create Unlimited Database.
  • Free soft acidulous software installer.
  • Webmail created.
  • Website builder tool etc.
  • Fine manager.

Free hosting site providers usually offer the above benefits depending on the company but there are some disadvantages in all these advantages/features which are discussed in detail below.

Difficulties in using free hosting sites

Although you can create the website you want to create for free, there are many difficulties in this free web hosting. Which will create a difficult situation to manage a website. Read the points carefully before using Free Web Hosting.

C Panel: The tool used to create or manage a website in most hosting is C Panel / Control Panel. This is done by uploading the website, deleting, creating a database etc. All the tools needed to manage a paid hosting website are provided but some of the free hosting tools that you may need are not found in these free hosting.

Site Speed: Free web hosting servers tend to be much slower than paid hosting. How fast a web page loads pages then depends a lot on things like search engine ranking. If the speed of the site is slow, then when users enter the site, it will take a long time for the page to load, so many people will get annoyed and close your website and open another site. Websites created using free hosts are usually slow to do anything. If you are working on your future plans, it is best to withdraw.

File Manager: The tool that is provided in the C panel to manage the file of the website is called file manager which is an essential component of every host. But with the file manager that is given for free, even if you can do a fair amount of work, it is not so good.

AIDS problem: They are you Providing hosts for free so that when you visit the hosting site, you will see annoying ads in different places up and down. Since you are using the host for free, you have to endure this bit.

Security: The security of free host sites is not very good. There is a risk of the site being hacked by various malware or viruses or anything else.

Visitors: Even if the hosting companies say unlimited bandwidth, the site will go down a lot of the time when your website is working and a little bit of visitors will start coming. Also, the website can be down in a hurry.

File Upload Limit: Each hosting server has a specified file upload size that can be changed to paid hosting later. But in free hosts, this file size limit can be changed so that the files have to be uploaded manually with the file manager.

SSL Certificate: Free web hosting companies do not give any kind of SSL certificate for free. As a result, when viewing these websites with the help of modern browsers, it gives a warning which is very annoying to the users. Many people do not want to enter the website if you see the text Not Secure. SSL is a very important thing but unfortunately, it does not offer free hosting.

There are also many other types of problems that can be solved by free web hosting companies. However, in some cases, you can continue to work using these hosts.

Should I use a free hosting site?

If you want to work professionally by creating a WordPress blogging website or any other site then I would say free hosting is not suitable for you. Suppose you want to create a blogging site in WordPress using a free hosting site. Then it would be a very wrong decision for you because the free hosts take no confidence. You will work hard to bring visitors and at some point, you will see your website disappear with the free hosting site.

You created a beautiful WordPress blog site and indexed it on Google and some visitors started coming. At that time you will see that your website will start having various problems and sometimes the website will go down. Many times it has been seen that the hosting company tie has disappeared which will cause your troubles to fall into the water. Also, the owner of the hosting company can take access to the content of your website so there is a risk of theft of the content or website.

I have also discussed the above issues for which free web hosting should not be used at all in professional work. And even if you use it, you will not be able to get many benefits from the work of free hosting. Success cannot be achieved. So if you want to work in a beautiful way, then start working by buying hosting from a good hosting provider without thinking for free.

Who is free hosting suitable for?

For those who want to learn website design and development or WordPress, free hosting is very useful if you do not have money to buy a paid host. If you do not have the money to buy hosting, you can use Free Hosting sites to learn WordPress. Since you are learning, it would be better to use it at any cost to learn right now. Free hosting sites are better for those who want to use WordPress and those who want to host short PHP projects or static sites.

And those who are working with WordPress can use these free hosts to practice and use it to create various demo sites and add to the portfolio. Since many free hosts have subdomains, there is no need to buy a host to build a demo site and if you can afford it, you can buy a paid host. But those who do not have the money to spend in the beginning can keep the live WordPress projects on a free host.

Free Hosting Site List:

Below is a list of some Free Hosting Websites from which you can work by choosing a host of your choice. I like the first site as a free host.






Hopefully, I've been able to give you a fair idea about free hosting.


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