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What is data entry? How many types of data entry can there be and how to do it | data entry | How many types of data entry | Money Online

What is data entry? How many types of data entry can there be and how to do it

What is data entry? How many types of data entry

In today's article we will learn, "What is data entry in Bangla", and "What is required to be a data entry operator".

In addition, we will discuss in detail how many types of data entry work can be.

Nowadays, people's interest in earning money from home has increased a lot.

And in this case, the work of data entry can prove to be a very lucrative job for you.

As a data entry operator you can do this either online or offline.

However, to do this you need to know how to use a little computer.

Because, entering data means basically entering any physical data digitally through computer.

Remember, there are many online and offline companies or firms that need a data entry operator.

So, there is a chance to make money by doing this.

Remember, we can do data entry jobs either part-time or full-time.

Students, housewives, retired persons or those who are looking for a part-time job as well as a job, can all reap the benefits of this data entry work.

However, everyone has heard of making money from data entry work. However, many people do not know the full meaning of this data entry.

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So let's go down, we know exactly what the data entry is (what is data entry in Bengali).

What is data entry

To get a clearer understanding of what data entry is, you need to first understand what data entry means.

Data entry means typing data from any hard copy into soft copy by typing with the help of a typist and collecting or storing the data in their proper place.

Basically, the data is added or updated with the help of some software through a computer.

Data can be any kind of object, file, information or media etc.

For example, audio, video, document, image, numbers, text, etc.

In the case of data entry, different types of data are viewed from a physical paper document, typed on a computer by a keyboard and converted into a digital copy.

Also, the person who does this type of data entry is called a "data entry operator".

You can be a data entry operator, but only if you have basic computer knowledge and typing skills.

For data entry, data has to be entered / typed by a data entry operator in a designated software of the computer.

For example, in various software such as MS-office, MS-excel, Word Pad, etc., the data is fed by the operator.

Simply put, the process of entering any type of data into a computer by typing on a keyboard is called data entry.

Data entry is an industry where data is added, edited and verified by employees.

Then I hope you understand what "data entry" is.

How many types of data entry can there be? (Types Of Data Entry)

In modern times almost any work in any case is done through a computer.

In this case, creating a database by digitally storing various physical documents on a computer is now a very common thing.

And so, nowadays different types of data are being entered into the computer for different tasks.

As a result, different types of data entry work are now created.

  • MS-excel data entry
  • Spelling checking
  • Paper documentation
  • Job posting
  • Translation
  • Data conversion
  • Database creation
Let's know in detail about each subject.

MS-excel data entry

In the case of any company, its sales, purchase, customer review, feedback, etc., a variety of data using Excel software to create a digital database is very convenient.

Because, MS-excel has all the features that can be used to make the task of data entry much easier.

Moreover, with Excel you can add or edit your own records and entries.

Therefore, MS-excel data entry means the work of data entry where various data and records are taken by a data entry operator in Excel software.

Any type of data can be recorded or entered in MS-excel as required by the company.

In this case, you have to look at the records or entries from the physical paper or hard copy and upload them to the Excel software in the computer.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

However, knowledge of MS-excel is very important for data entry work associated with MS-excel.

Spelling checking

This type of data entry is done by checking the spelling, wording, etc. of some pre-written articles, novels, books or other text content.

Basically you have to find out what is wrong with the text and correct them Is in

Paper documentation

This type of data entry work is very popular because it is very easy and straightforward.

Here basically, you will be given the data as hard copy in the paper and you will have to type that data in the computer.

In order to convert those hard copies into digital soft copies by typing on a computer, you have to type them into a special software.

In this case, MS-excel, word, Word pad, note pad, etc. This type of software is used.

Job posting

There are many online job portals in which new jobs are published almost every day.

Now, data entry operators are also required to publish more job news on these types of online portals.

In this case, the data entry operators collect job news from different places and write articles and publish them.

This is also a kind of data entry work, because here also the data is being published digitally through typing.

Thus, there are many online news portals, in which you have to publish various new news every day through articles.

This type of job or news article is published in a large number of portals every day.

Therefore, data entry operators write short articles with direct information and publish them on their portals.

Data conversion

Data conversion means changing the format of any donor.

I mean, let's say there is a PDF file that has been converted to a word file.

Thus, the act of converting a file to another file format is called data conversion.

Many large companies do this type of work as they see fit and therefore require a data entry operator.


This type of data entry involves typing data from a voice or audio file into text on a computer.

In many cases, voice files in various other languages ​​are converted to the local language.

In addition to voice or audio, there are many data entry jobs where books, articles or any text files written in another language are converted into another language.

For example, in the case of translating a famous book from English to Bengali.

Again, data entry is also required to convert hard copy books or text files into soft copy.

So in this case, the whole thing can be said to be the work of data entry.

Database creation

There are various government or non-government organizations that create a database on different topics.

For example, how many families there are in a country, village or city, how many children and how many old people etc.

Data entry is also used to create this type of database.

Because, in this case, by looking at the various physical documents and then typing, the information is stored/recorded in the computer.

Thus the process of digitally recording the data from physical documents is also a kind of data entry.

And in this way, different government or non-government organizations need to do data entry work in creating databases on different topics.

How to start data entry work?

Anyone can do the work of data entry, but for that you need to know basic computer and have fast keyboard typing skills.

You do not need to have a good degree to work as a data entry operator.

This is basically your computer typing speed and other computer knowledge.

  • How to speed up typing speed on computer?
  • Which computer course will you take for the job?

However, at present it is very important to be a graduate to get a job in a company.

Even if you are not a graduate, now you have to pass 12th class to do any kind of work related to computer.

You can search for data entry jobs by visiting various online job portals.

You can use two mediums to start the work of data entry.

  • Online data entry work
  • Offline data entry work

It is possible to earn a good amount of money through these two means.

Online data entry work

Nowadays, the work of online data entry has become a very lucrative way to earn money online from home.

There are many freelancing sites on the Internet (fiverr, freelancer, Guru) where you can find the work involved in data entry.

So you have to create an account on these types of websites to find jobs.

There are many benefits to using online data entry,

  1. As a remote worker you can do this at your convenience from anywhere.
  2. You can decide for yourself when you will work.
  3. Most of the time here you will be given work as a project. You are paid for completing each project.
  4. You can also work online data entry in your spare time in addition to working as a full-time employee in a company.

Offline data entry work

In case of offline data entry you have to go to different firm, organization, company etc. and do the job as a general job

There is a lot of data entry work now offline as well as online.

In many places you can do this part-time.

Again, many give you data n within a specified timeTree will pay as a contract to complete the work.

There aren't many benefits to working offline data entry, though I'm trying to say a little bit below.

  1. Here you are basically paid for hours or days but you cannot work from home.
  2. As a company employee you have to go to the office and work.
  3. Like other employees you can be given other benefits of the company. For example, health benefit, bonus, over-time, etc.
  4. If you have good performance, typing speed and accuracy etc., there is an opportunity to get other employment benefits along with increase in salary.

What is required to become a data entry operator?

If you want to get a better position in the industry for data entry work,

You need to work on something special.

You first need to improve your computer skills.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

If you want to be a good data entry operator, you have to pay attention to the following issues.

  • Improve language skills: English language is used a lot in data entry work. So, along with English, you have to learn every important language completely well.
  • Become a better typist: This is basically a job related to typing. So, first of all you need to speed up your keyboard typing speed. The most important thing here is to be able to type fast on the keyboard accurately. You can speed up your typing by doing various online typing practice lessons.
  • Gain computer skills: To work as a data entry operator, just typing quickly and accurately will not work. In this work you need to know how to edit, save and delete your entries. Also, you need to know how to use the various emergency computer programs. So, you need to know about basic computer programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Word etc. Also, it is important to have complete basic computer knowledge.

Our last word,

So friends, through today's article we know "what is data entry or what".In addition, we discussed some important issues related to data entry work.Today's article, "about data entry work in Bangla", if you like it,Then you must share the article.


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