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Vidyasagar and the Young Man Story || A railway station || Vidyasagar

Vidyasagar and the Young Man

  • Points: A railway station ; a Bengali 'babu' with a bag; shouted for a coolie ; a man in humble clothes took the bag; refused money; a public meeting to receive Vidyasagar; the young man attended the meeting ; saw the coolie to be given reception.

Vidyasagar and the Young Man Story || A railway station || Vidyasagar

Answer : One day a Bengali 'babu' got down from the train and started to find a coolie. Unfortunately, it was a cold wintry night and no 'coolie' was there. The man continued his shouting as he was determined not to carry his own bag. He stood there and asked some people, "Have you seen any 'coolie' nearby? Please send me one if you find." Suddenly an ordinary man came towards him and silently picked the bag up on his shoulder. The 'babu' felt relieved and started to walk. When the destination was reached the 'babu' offered a good amount to the bearer and asked if he needed more. The humble bearer refused and left the place without any words. After a few days the young man went to attend a seminar where people were felicitating that 'coolie' with garlands and called him Vidyasagar.' The 'babu' got shocked and ashamed for his insolent behaviour. He went to Vidyasagar and apologised earnestly for his mistake.

  • Moral : One should do one's own work. Or, There is no shame in carrying one's own load.


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