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SBI YONO Account Open Online Kaise Karen?{2022}How To Open SBI Online New Account With Yono App

SBI YONO Account Open Online Kaise Karen? [2022] | How To Open SBI Online New Account With Yono App

A to Z full step

SBI YONO Account Open Kaise Karen - Friends, in this article, there is no need to wait in the bank and waste time to open your account in India's largest bank, how to open account from SBI YONO app itself, State Bank of India In India today every citizen of India has a desire to open an account.

To open an account in this service of SBI, you can open an account from a smartphone, YONO account is opened immediately in 10 minutes.

Requirements to open an account online with SBI Yono App

    1. Your Aadhar Card Barcode

    If the mobile number is linked in your Aadhar card then it is easy to open your account. And even with your barcode scan, Virtual ID, your account is opened instantly in 5 minutes. Your Aadhaar number and address (Address) Your Aadhar card is recognized by the bank for back and forth conversions. Then your account and transaction ID number comes.

    2.pan card

    If you want to open Jan Dhan SBI Online Account online. So it is mandatory for you to have a PAN card. Without that your online SBI account cannot be opened. That's why you get the PAN number for 3 days after making the PAN card first. And your post comes within 10-15 days. After that you can open an account on Online SBI Site. Your account number is automatically received in 5 minutes. It is available on applying online from this YONO app of SBI.

    3.Mobile Number and Email ID

    If you want to do Online Account Open in SBI, then you should have your own mobile number and email ID validity plan recharge, without that SMS will not come in your phone so recharge is mandatory. If you have mobile and email id then it is easy for you to open the account and Verification Bank verifies the code sent by the bank to link you with the bank.

    4.Kyc Video & Photo Online

    Kyc Video and Photo Online If you want to open an account through SBI YONO app, then you have to send your live photo to the bank clearly and your Kvasi video name address has to be spoken.

    5. What to do to create YONO SBI account?

    To open a new account in SBI, you have to visit your nearest SBI Bank branch. You can ask for referral code to open bank YONO account from the employees and consultants sitting in the bank. The account is easily opened with that referral code.

    6.SBI YONO Online Download from Play Store

    After this you have to download the YONO SBI app. How to download it and how to open an account is given below.

    SBI YONO Account Open Online Kaise Karen

    How to Download SBI Yono App?

    Step: [1] First of all you have to go to Google Play Store on your mobile. After this, after searching by typing yono sbi, click on the Install button to install YONO SBI: The Mobile Banking app at the top.

    Step: [2] Then after opening YONO app, click on Allow Only While Using button.

    Step: [3] After this, after coming to the YONO Registration page, do New To SBI at the bottom.

    Step: [4] New to SBI After this a new SBI YONO app page gets opened. In that you have to click on Open Saving Account written above.

    Step: [5] After this you will see Open a Digital Saving Account written in the top. After that click on Without branch visit at the bottom.

    Step: [6] After this you are written Open a Digital Saving Account Without Branch Visit in the top. Just click on Insta Plus Saving Account at the bottom of it.

    Step: [7] After this you come to Open an Insta Plus Savings Account. After that click on Start a New Application in your SBI Account screen.


    Video KYC Product Information (Benefit of opening account with video KYC)

    1.Full KYC account using video call

    2.Paperless account opening

    3.No branch visit required

    4.Personalised rupay Debit card

    How to do KYC with SBI Yono App?

    Full KYC account using video call

    Insta plus savings account opens you online sbi account. You do not need to go to the bank. And your full KYC is done in the video call. Your internet speed is good, Aadhar card and Pan card have to be seen in online video. Camera, location microphone must be turned on in the phone.

    Paperless account opening

    In State Bank of India, you open your account by the bank without submitting the documents. There is no need to go to the bank to open your bank account in SBI through online mode. Your aadhar mobile number should be linked, your pen should be clean and in 5 video your account gets opened.

    No branch visit required

    You do not need to go to the bank to open an SBI online account. You get Internet Net Banking without submitting papers. Just need mobile number link. You don't have to go around nubuck, you don't have to write any form.

    How To Open SBI Online New Account With Yono App

    Personalized Rupay Debit card

    You also get personalized Rupay Debit Card through online. ATM is dispatched to your nearest post office. You don't need to go anywhere. In this lockdown, SBI is providing online account opening service.

    Ha it is Use this online service and stay healthy you and your family and save your time.

    [6] The number from which you want to create an SBI Yono account. enter the. Mobile Number: 9725xxxxxx53 & Email ID: bikramtechnoloxxxxg@gmail.com After that wait 1 minute for mobile verification. Enter the OTP number of your mobile SMS and Email ID.

    Please provide the following details to receive OTP

    You can open your Aadhar card and PAN card, mobile, email id by linking your own account sitting at home. You have to enter your mobile number first. Then you have to enter Email Id. Otp is sent to the mobile and email ID entered by the bank. Then pressing the submit button will take you to the next page.

    Please create your application password:

    Here you have to enter the application password of minimum 8 digits. Enter the same password in the first and second, enter the same password. Then you forget the password by selecting any security question from your mind. So you have to enter the password there. Enter the same which you have answered in the first Security Question.

    SBI YONO Account Open Online Kaise Karen? [2022] If you are facing any problem in opening account with SBI YONO app. So we have embedded a video.


    We have given you SBI YONO Account Open Online Kaise Karen? Along with this, the complete method of opening an account with SBI YONO app has been told. What does it take to create an SBI YONO account? How to learn to create SBI account? Have any question and suggestion related to Yono account. So do tell by commenting. If you liked our post, tell us in the comment and if you liked the post, then do share it.

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