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WhatsApp Payment Account Kaise Banaye [2022] | how to transfer money through whatsapp

WhatsApp Payment Account Kaise Banaye [2022] | how to transfer money through whatsapp

WhatsApp Payment Account Kaise Banaye - WhatsApp Messenger In India's largest social media network, every person is in contact with WhatsApp. How many people are connected to WhatsApp? In view of this, WhatsApp also launched banking facility to keep its more than 20 million users together. When was WhatsApp Pay launched? WhatsApp Pay was launched in India on WhatsApp UPI Payment (by NPCI 6 November 2020).

    how to transfer money through whatsapp

    Before sending payment through WhatsApp, it is necessary to know some basic. Friends, you have to create a WhatsApp account. In such a situation, How to Create WhatsApp Account? Explain the easy way to transfer WhatsApp Money.

    Let's know how to get WhatsApp Payments feature? Update WhatsApp from Google Play Store to bring WhatsApp UPI feature, if you do not get it, then sending WhatsApp link from your friends will bring Payments option in few minutes. Will be able to pay, let's go.

    What is WhatsApp? You must have heard the name of WhatsApp Messenger, it remains in discussion on its work every day. WhatsApp keeps on bringing future updates for its users. Contacts instantly keeping people connected together. To increase the convenience of people, you can see your friends sitting in another country through Voice Call, Video Call. You can transfer money to anyone in minutes through WhatsApp Pay, UPI. Had to wait for 3 years for this banking service to become operational.

    How to Create WhatsApp Payment Account?

    Step: 1.

    1. First of all download the new version and update of WhatsApp application from Google Play Store.

    2. If you do not get the payment option, then you will send the link from friends, then the feature of making payment will come.

    Step: 2.

    1. Open WhatsApp app.

    2. After login the account with your security password, press the three dot button in the corner.

    Step: 3.

    1. After pressing the three dots in the left, the payment will appear in the bottom, press it.

    2. To send money online to another friend, on touching the icon next to Message (Chat), the Payment button will appear in the front at the bottom.

    What to do to make WhatsApp Payment UPI?

    Step: 4.

    1. After pressing Payment, Add Payment Method (New Payment) at the bottom, on pressing one of these buttons, you reach the banking page.

    2. Here the bank account has to be registered (Select BHIM UPI).

    Keep these things in mind before creating a WhatsApp Payment account?

    1. Friends, on which mobile number you have created WhatsApp account. The number should be linked to the bank account.

    2. You must have recharge validity balance in your mobile so that SMS OTP can be received by the bank.

    3. To register WhatsApp Payment, you need to have an ATM Debit Card.

    4. Before applying for WhatsApp Payment, you must have a UPI ID.

    5. With WhatsApp payment, you should request payment to your home and your close friends only because the data of WhatsApp, SMS, Image, Video is not secure. So there is also the fear of getting problems and links in banking facility.

    Step: 5.

    1. To create Bank and UPI Id, some Term & Condition has to be allowed.

    2. After continuing, a new page will appear again, press that Accept and Continue.

    How to find bank account?

    Step: 6.

    1. Bank account in which your bank is open. Debit card. Select the same bank account.

    2.As soon as you accept and continue, you will reach the Select Your Bank page, go down to see the list of your bank or enter your bank name to search.

    Step: 7. 

    How to Setup WhatsApp Payment Account?

    After selecting the bank, WhatsApp UPI is activated only after the further three verifications are done when the SIM is connected to the mobile phone.

    Verify your phone number

    • Sending SMS to your bank
    • Verifying your number with your bank
    • Finding your Account

    Step: 8.

    After the verification of all this, choose the bank account you want to add, the UPI ID is received immediately after applying WhatsApp Payment UPI from the same number you create.

    Step: 9.

    How to send WhatsApp Payment?

    There are easy ways to make WhatsApp Payment - First search by name, second SMS Chat button, third by pressing Attach Icon button, you will get Payment written below, you can make payment from there itself.

    Step: 10.

    Click on Payment to make payment through WhatsApp. Before that, whomever you are sending money to, should also use WhatsApp Payment. If WhatsApp and WhatsApp payment does not work, you can also pay it. For that, friends can easily transfer money through Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm UPI ID, Barcode, Link.

    WhatsApp UPI PIN is a four digit transaction code. Use it to pay someone else. Why don't you have a UPI PIN for one of these Phone Pay, Google Pay, to any other friends, it is useful for making your WhatsApp payment. What is required to generate WhatsApp UPI PIN? To generate your UPI PIN, you must have an ATM card, mobile number linked with the bank.


    In this post, we have told how to create a WhatsApp payment account, apart from this, we have also told how to send money through WhatsApp Pay. how did you like this post Tell me. We have hopes. If you all liked this article, then definitely share it on social media sites.

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