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Eyeborgs (2009) Hindi Full Movie HD 480p,720p,1080p

 Eyeborgs (2009) Hindi Full Movie HD 480p,720p,1080p

The film opens by explaining current events such as the passage of the "Freedom of Observation Act" and the subsequent implementation of ODIN (Optical Defense Intelligence Network), which included the development of a new type of mobile camera drone, named the "iBorg". Is. The system is administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Shankar (Dale Girard) strikes a deal to buy a firearm while an Ayborg oversees the transaction. The eyeball is discovered and the deal aborted. Homeland Security agents rush to find that Shankar is on the run and that the other side in the gun deal is dead.

Brandon (Devin McGee), the lead singer of the band "Painful Days", is in a car with a girl. The "G-Man" (Danny Trejo) contacts him to deliver a rare bag of banned North Carolina tobacco. After G-Man leaves, the two begin smoking tobacco - but are interrupted and killed by a large six-armed eyeball.

With Brandon missing, Jarrett (Luke Eberle) becomes the lead singer of "Painful Days" at the next night's gig. As he sings, the eyes look for Shankar, who has entered the building. They signal an alarm that causes panic, during which Shankar tries to shoot Jarrett. An iborg blocks the shot. Jarrett falls, unharmed, but breaks his guitar. It is revealed that Jarrett is the President's nephew.

Shankar was caught and taken to the regional DHS office. During interrogation, Shankar is shown video footage of his earlier gun deal, which depicts him as the dealer's killer. Shankar protests his innocence, despite clear evidence from the video. Agent Gunner (Adrian Paul) receives a message to report at the front desk, leaves the room with his partner, and locks the door. Four eye protection cameras separate to attack Shankar, but the door opens, allowing him to escape. A leg chase ensues, he is framed at level six. When the elevator he has been waiting for opens, a large eye pops out and pushes him over the banister, causing him to fall to death.

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