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Jai Bhim (2021) Hindi Movie || 480p [450MB] || 720p [1.2GB] || 1080p [3.2GB]

Jai Bhim (2021) Hindi Movie || 480p [450MB] || 720p [1.2GB] || 1080p [3.2GB]

In 1993, Rajkannu and Sengeni are a couple from the oppressed Irula tribe who work in the fields of upper caste men to control rat infestations and capture venomous snakes. Rajkannu is called to the house of a rich man to catch a snake that has entered a room. The next day, a case of theft is registered when the man's wife reports missing pieces of jewelry from her cupboard and casts suspicion on Rajkannu. The police raid Rajkannu's house to find evidence. Rajkannu had earlier left the city in connection with work. During the attack, the police brutally beat up the pregnant Sengeni and illegally took her into custody. The police arrest the other relatives: Rajakannu's brother Iruttupan, his sister Pachaiammal and his brother-in-law Mosakutty, and torture them to confess to Rajkannu's whereabouts. The police find Rajkannu and imprison him. They torture him for confessing to the crime but release Sengeni. Later, he is informed that the three detained men are absconding and the police threaten to tell him about their whereabouts.

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Mithra, who teaches adults of the Irula tribe, learns of Chandru, a lawyer who fights for tribal communities, and manages to persuade him to seek justice for Sengeni. After hearing from Sengeni the details of all the incidents up to that time, Chandru filed a case of habeas corpus in the High Court. Initially the court advises them to file a petition in the lower court, but Chandru asks for the examination of witnesses, which is not the procedure in the Habeas Corpus case. But Chandru Rajan cites the case, and the court bows. Based on the evidence of the police officers, the Solicitor General, appearing for the police, argued that Rajkannu and the other two had escaped from the police custody on the night they were arrested. Finding gaps in the witnesses' statements, Chandru realizes that they were giving false testimony and asks the court to investigate Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy (a casteist), Head Constable Veerasamy and Constable Kirubakaran.

Advocate General Ram Mohan took over the matter and in defense of the police claimed that the three accused had fled to Kerala. Iruttapan's employer Varadarajulu admitted that Iruttapan informed him through a phone call that he had fled to Kerala after committing the robbery. Chandru found that the three policemen in question had gone to Kerala to call Varadarajulu, who Gurumurthy admits, had imitated Iruttapan's voice. On Chandru's request, the court appointed IG Perumalasamy as the chief officer of the case. After weeks of relentless searches, Chandru, Perumalasamy and Mithra found Rajakannu's body in the middle of a road near Meter in the Pondicherry precinct, the day he allegedly fled. He was cremated after being photographed as an unidentified person. Both believe that Rajkannu died not because of a car accident, but because of the lockup murder.

Chandru consults the pathologist who conducted Rajkannu's post-mortem. Pathologists say the cause of death was a broken rib, but they believe it could be due to a car driving over him. Veerasamy confesses to Ram Mohan that Rajkannu died in custody. Veerasamy called Gurumurthy after his death. Gurumurthy told Veerasamy that he should stage that the two fled and left Rajakannu on the road, believing that his death was due to a car accident. Mosakutty and Iruttapan were shifted to another jail in Kerala. After hearing this, Ram Mohan advised him to make his point in the court. Chandru checks the call history of the police station and informs the court that a call was made to Gurumurthy's residence at 9:10 pm, which does not match with Veerasamy's evidence. Chandru sought more time from the court for investigation.

The Chandru, Mithra, Sengeni and Irular tribes campaign against the injustice that happened. Chandru finds that Iruthappan had actually called Varadarajulu, but the police forced him to call. Mythra looks for Iruttapan and Mosakutty and they testify in court about how the three of them tortured and how the policemen killed Rajkannu. Perumalasamy says that the policemen took bribe from the real thief. Chandru also says that the road where Rajkannu's body was found had tire marks. There were also footprints that matched the footprints of Gurumurthy and Constable Kiruba. After hearing these evidences, the court ruled: the policemen who killed Rajkannu would be arrested, Sengeni would receive ₹3 lakh (equivalent to ₹18 lakh or US$24,000 in 2020) and half the land as compensation while Iruttapan, Mosakutty and Pachaiyamma each get ₹2 lakh (₹12 lakh or the equivalent of US$16,000 in 2020). Sengeni thanks Chandru for his help and he attends the inauguration of Sengeni's new house, fulfilling Rajkannu's dream of getting Sengeni a new home.

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