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Virata Parvam (2022) Dual Audio {Hindi-Tamil} Movie || 480p [470mb] || 720p [1.31GB] || 1080p [2.96GB] filmy4wap

Virata Parvam (2022) Dual Audio {Hindi-Tamil} Movie || 480p [470mb] || 720p [1.31GB] || 1080p [2.96GB] filmy4wap 

Vanella was born in 1973 in Warangal district, in a crossfire between the Naxals and the police. He grew up listening to his father's poems and was later inspired by the writings of Ravi Shankar (known as Comrade Ravanna), a Naxalite leader who used the name Aranya. Vanella is obsessed with Robbie's work, so she admires and loves him.

In 1992, the state police investigated his village on suspicion that the villagers were sympathetic to the Naxals. They severely beat Vanella's father because he objected to their actions. Vanella reprimands the police in retaliation but they harass her. Robi's soldiers came and ambushed the police. Impressed by Vanella, Robbie assures the villagers of their safety.

Vanella ends her marriage to her cousin, saying that she is deeply in love with Robbie, due to the frustration of her parents. The next day he left his house in search of Robbie and wrote to his parents not to look for him. Vanella meets Vidyadhar Rao in Karimnagar who publishes Robi's books. He asks her to give him Robi's address but Rao refuses to help him. As soon as he left the place, the police arrested him. Vanella searches and finds Robbie's house. He meets his mother who tells him that Robbie left the place seven years ago and he has been waiting for her ever since. Vanella promises to deliver her letter to him and bring him back.

Vanella continues her search and finds out that she can find Robbie at Bhopalpalli Degree College. However, Vanella has been detained by police who suspect him of being Naxal sympathizers. Police brought him to the college to confirm his identity, only to have a gunfight with Robbie's soldiers. Unable to meet her there, Venela reaches out to Shakuntala, a human rights activist, and confesses her love for Robbie. Shakuntala arranges for Venela to meet Robbie but Robbie politely rejects her offer saying that she does not believe in love.

At that time the police came to the spot and surrounded the building. Vanella helps set up the explosives so Robi's troops can escape, however, he is caught by the police. That night Robbie rescues him and gives him shelter at Shakuntala's house. Vanella then decided to join the Naxals in the forest against Shakuntala's advice. Samaiya, a senior leader of the party, praised his spirit and recommended him to Robi's forces. Although Robbie initially refused his appointment, he allowed him to join on Bharatakkara's advice. Vanella took up arms and earned the party's admiration for her humanitarian approach to the Naxal movement.

Shortly afterwards, Samaiyah was caught by police who threatened to expose his deception of using the Naxalite movement for financial gain. He rejoined Robi's forces to act as a secret agent for the police. Meanwhile, Vanella hands the letter to Robbie and asks him to meet her mother. Based on a suggestion from Samaiah, the police attacked Robbie while he was visiting his mother. Robbie and Vanella intercept the police and flee. That night, Sammaiya attacked 11 members of Ravi's army, killed them and fled. Sammaiya openly claims that the Naxal movement has lost its ideology, so its secret people will work for the police.

The police sent a false message to Robbie from the party instructing him to remove the secret weeds of his soldiers. Raghu, who was always wary of Venela, says he was secretive because he was a recruit for Sammy. Bharatakka proves to him second that Vanella entered their forces using a string of lies. Bharatakka beats Vanella for her confession but she claims she is innocent. Vanella tries to submit her lost diary as proof of her innocence, only in vain. Whatever it is, Bharatakka has assured Robbie that Vanella is a secret.

Robbie takes Vanella to a secluded spot in the forest. Robbie confesses his love for Vanella but thinks he has betrayed her. Angry and annoyed, Robbie shoots Venela into the waterfall next door. Raghu and Bharatakka run to Robi and tell him that the message is fake. The aggrieved Robbie rescues Venela's body from the water and cries in grief like the others.

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