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WB Scholarship update – Know the maximum number of scholarships you can apply for at once

WB Scholarship update – Know the maximum number of scholarships you can apply for at once

There are several government and private scholarships for students who have passed the secondary and higher secondary examinations. After passing secondary and higher secondary, there is a curiosity among the students that which scholarship will be good for them, how many scholarships can be applied for at once? Today we will discuss about these issues in this post. Let's know (WB Scholarship).

How many scholarships can a student apply for at once?
  • In case of Government Scholarship:-

There are several government scholarships for students after passing secondary and higher secondary. They are:- Swami Vivekananda Scholarship, Navanna Scholarship, Oasis Scholarship, Oikyasree Scholarship, also there are various Central Govt Scholarships. In this case, a student can apply for only one government scholarship among the government scholarships. According to government rules, a student cannot apply for two government scholarships at the same time. If somehow this happens and the government can identify the student, then both the scholarships of that student can be cancelled.

  • In case of private scholarship:-

There are no specific restrictions on private scholarships. A student can apply for multiple private scholarships for which he/she is eligible. If the student is selected, he/she will get money from the said private scholarship.

Even, a student can apply for one government scholarship as well as multiple private scholarships.

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