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A way to stay fit even after sitting for 8-9 hours | Fitness

A way to stay fit even after sitting for 8-9 hours

A way to stay fit even after sitting for 8-9 hours

Do you have to sit at a desk for eight to nine hours every day? Are you getting fat because you are sitting in the office all day? Not getting time to exercise! News agency UNB has reported some simple ways to stay fit even if you are sitting for a long time.

No office without eating

Every employee is in a hurry to go to the office in the morning. So don't go without breakfast. You can eat rice at the office in the afternoon. This will reduce the tendency to feel hungry throughout the day. Apart from this, eating carbohydrates in the morning will not cause energy shortage throughout the day.

Taking a break between tasks

You can take a 10 minute break every hour in the office. Walk at that time. Can walk on the office floor or corridor. If you want to talk on the phone at that time, ask him to walk instead of standing in one place.

Avoid street food

It's better if you don't have a tendency to regularly eat at delicious food shops in the office area. Sometimes it is difficult to take food from home. But remember, home cooking will keep you healthy. It is best to avoid street food as much as possible.

Light exercise while sitting at the desk

You can do light stretching while sitting on a chair. You can do light neck exercises. It will reduce the fatigue of sitting together. And if there is a gym in the office, there is no point!

Eat water, not chocolate during work

Give up the habit of eating chocolates and chips during work. You can keep dry fruits or low fat cookies with it. If you are hungry, eat them sparingly. And don't forget to drink water during work.

A short walk on the way back from office

You can get off the bus or office car one or two stops earlier on your way home from office. It will form the habit of walking. Take the stairs instead of the office elevator a day or two a week. 


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