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Halo S1 (2022) Box Office Collection | Director | Producer | Hit Or Flop | hd movies | Full Movie 720p | Mp4movie

Halo S1 (2022) Box Office Collection | Director | Producer | Hit Or Flop | hd movies | Full Movie 720p | Mp4movie 

Halo S1 (2022) Box Office Collection | Director | Producer | Hit Or Flop | hd movies | Full Movie 720p | Mp4movie

In 2552, the Covenant attack an Insurrectionist outpost on the planet Madrigal, massacring everyone except for teenager Kwan Ha before the Spartan unit Silver Team intervenes. In a nearby cave system, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 discovers and retrieves a Forerunner keystone that reacts to his touch, displaying mysterious symbols and unlocking some of his sealed childhood memories. A surviving Covenant Elite witnesses and reports this to the Prophet of Mercy at the Covenant capital, High Charity. On Reach, Dr. Catherine Halsey clashes with Admiral Parangosky over their methods and Halsey's work on a new type of AI based on her own brain patterns. After Kwan refuses to cooperate with the UNSC, the Master Chief is ordered to execute her.

He defies the order and rebels, earning Kwan's trust by taking off his armored helmet when she threatens him with his rifle. UNSC Captain Jacob Keyes orders the Master Chief to be taken into custody; the Master Chief touches the keystone again, which disables power in the base while restoring power to his ship, allowing him and Kwan to escape. In the process, the Master Chief discovers that he had drawn the keystone as a child, suggesting that he has a past connection to it.Master Chief’s take-home pay isn’t expected to be as lucrative. The game may sell as many as 10 million copies at an average retail price of $70 for a total of $700 million in sales, said Colin Sebastian, an analyst with Lazard Capital Markets. Of that, Microsoft will get about 80%, or $560 million.

The revenue potential for “Halo 3" is constrained by its narrow fan base -- young males. Though Microsoft is trying to make the game more accessible to other types of players, Halo’s audience is “hard-core geeks who are into mature content,” said Jesse Alexander, executive producer for the “Alias” and “Heroes” TV series and a “Halo” aficionado. “It reaches a very specific market. And that’s OK. But it’s just not the same audience as the movie and TV business.”

Where Master Chief will probably score a decisive hit is profit margin. Although “Spider-Man 3" will generate an estimated $628 million in pretax profit for a 46% margin, according to SNL Kagan, “Halo 3" is looking at a profit of more than half a billion dollars and a margin of upward of 90%.

  1. Genre-Action-adventure,Drama,Military science fiction
  2. Based on-Hal by Xbox Game Studios
  3. Developed by-Kyle Killen,Steven Kane
  4. Starring-Pablo Schreiber,Shabana Azmi,Natasha Culzac,Olive Gray
  5. Yerin Ha,Bentley Kalu,Kate Kennedy,Charlie Murphy,Danny Sapani,Jen Taylor,Bokeem Woodbine,Natascha McElhone
  6. Music by-Sean Callery
  7. Country of origin-United States
  8. Original language-English
  9. No. of seasons-1
  10. No. of episodes-9
  11. Executive producers-Steven Spielberg,Steven Kane,Kiki Wolfkill,Frank O'Connor,Bonnie Ross,Justin Falvey,Darryl Frank,Otto Bathurst,Toby Leslie,Kyle Killen,Scott Pennington,Karen Richards
  12. Producers-Sheila Hockin,Charlotte Keating,Michael Armbruster
  13. Cinematography-Karl Walter Lindenlaub,Eric Kress
  14. Editors-Aaron Marshall,Dan Briceno,Geoff Ashenhurst
  15. Running time-40–59 minutes
  16. Production companies-Showtime Networks,343 Industries,Amblin Television,Chapter Eleven,One Big Picture
  17. Distributor-Paramount Global Distribution Group
  18. Budget,$90–200 million[1][2]
  19. Original network-Paramount+
  20. Original release-March 24, 2022-present
  21. Related shows-Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012)
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